About wowtoken.app

Wowtoken.app is a simple web application to track the price of the World of Warcraft in-game token over time. You can find the source the front end on GitHub in the link below, as well as the source to the back-end Lambdas that power this.

It’s sister site is the WoW Classic version, available at classic.wowtoken.app.

Full disclosure – while I do work at Blizzard this project has no affiliation with my job. I wrote this out of a desire to have a tracking-free way to get historical data on the token well ahead of when I started at the company. It is a pet project outside of my work.


Github (frontend and public bug tracker): wowtoken.app

I personally hate advertising and tracking. I see no reason to try and make a few cents off a website which costs me less than a dollar a month to run, and only hinders the experience. I built this for myself, to learn and explore new techniques, but if others find it useful that’s the only validation I need. I promise never to use advertising nor any tracking.

Likewise with tracking, there’s no reason to use invasive Google Analytics or similar (even if self-hosted). The only data that gets collected are logs for diagnostic purposes (such as Lambda@Edge location and performance), and only used to better the service. No cookies are used for this service.

Below here, you will find any posts related to this project, including process write ups for why I chose the technologies I did, what I learned from them, and some musings one what I might add in the future.

Please file a bug on the GitHub project for the frontend if you want any features that are not already present, and I am happy to implement suggestions for the backend.

Engineering Write-ups