About me

Hi there! I am a 28 year old Site Reliability Engineer who lives in SoCal. I’m currently happily employed by Blizzard Entertainment working on my favorite gaming universe – Warcraft.

Anything written here is my personal opinion and I retain all rights unless otherwise specified.

Most of the stuff I write here will at most be tangentially related to where I work and what I work on (such as wowtoken.app), and if it is related it’s generally because it’s a popular piece of software that I would have used regardless. All the fun stuff is heavily under NDA. That being said, I might talk or post about Warcraft, or other games, as it’s also a hobby of mine and I like taking screenshots.

Some of my socials are linked here, but the most comprehensive and up-to-date place is on the link tree that is the root of my domain, https://emily.sh. My most active social platform by far is Mastodon, where I reside on Eldritch.Cafe.